This weeks feature goes out to Brian Edward Miller. He is the owner, artist and illustrator behind the Orlin Culture Shop (OCS for short). An illustration studio based in Erie, CO. He was born and raised Colorado and was nourished artistically as far back as he can remember.

His goal is to provide quality illustrations and story telling with the professional hard working ideals his family modeled to him and to chase down that elusive vintage aesthetic which played such a powerful role in his childhood.

There is always a process of defining and refining my own style.

He started his creative carrer working for a number of different agencies and studios. Continuesly evolving his drawing skills while working at a few gaming studios he finally decided to start OCS and meanwhile he was working for a variety of big name clients like Adobe, GQ Magazine, Penguin Publishing, Variety Magazine, Scientific American etc.

His Style is inspired a lot by some 1940-1960 poster art and oldschool illustrations. In his illustrations he works with strong color palettes, diverse tones, and bold shapes, He uses very well used grainy textures and a superb lighting in his sceneries.

We love your style Brian

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